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Mid-Day Class 10-11-2014

JKD logo smWe had a really good Mid-Day class today at the Japanese Karate-Do. We started with a kata warm up by going through all of the Heian Katas and Tekki Shodan. From there we moved onto kihon, beginning with the down block, emphasizing the dropping of the core and moving our energy forward regardless of whether we’re actually going backward or forward. Then we worked on our oi zuki (lunge punch) emphasizing the core movement, hip initiation and using the forward hand as a strike making the kihon oi zuki a two strike technique.

We then moved to light kumite (sparring) with a focus on full extension and smooth movements during each technique, staying low and light on our feet and utilizing core movements with hip rotation. And then we finished with the class with kata again – this time working through Basai Dai.

Mid-Day Class 09-27-2016

JKD logo smToday’s Mid-Day continued from the great classes last week. From having a guest instructor for part of the class last week in the form of Sensei Rob Grossheim to having an interested potential guest sit in and watch a class to working through part of the kyu testing kihon segment today.

The kihon drills worked the basic blocks and block/reverse punch combinations. The focus of the drills was on having good stances, actually moving straight forward and backward versus moving in a circular way or being too narrow in our movements. As Sensei Grossheim pointed out, our stances were generally too narrow which had the tendency to put undue strain on our knees and hips and throw off our body mechanics. And this causes us to force our techniques.
In our transitional movements, we emphasized the use of the non-blocking/non-striking hand and the hip twist/compression-expansion aspect of legs. In our drills, we used the non-blocking/non striking hand as an additional striking hand during the transition.
After moving up and down the floor several times, we then moved onto kata. We started with Heian Yondan. On the first pass, we moved slowly to concentrate on our body connections and body positioning while moving from our core. We also worked through possible applications of various sections. Throughout the kata drills, we tried to keep working on the movements and transitions that we practiced in the first part of the class.

It was a challenging class. This week we’re having Kyu Testing. Good luck to all students testing.