Mid-Day Class 01-17-2017

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The Japanese Karate-Do’s Mid-Day class was a fun, but high intensity none stop class. We had a guest/student instructor today, Emmanuelle Paillaugue Bouttier. She started the class with a very warm up session followed by kihon (basics) drills. Using one fo kihon routine for testing (Step back age-uke forward mawashi-geri, uraken oi-zuki), the drills emphasized combinations, smooth and quick direction and technique changes.

We began with simply stepping back and immediately moving forward and then taking another forward step. Once we got the steps in order, we then added each striking techniques (age uke, mawashi-geri, uraken and oi-zuki) as individual drills to go along with the steps and stances. After each drill we partnered with the attacker using striking mitts to make sure the strikes were accurate and effective. At the end we put the entire sequence together, with and without a partner.

We ended class with yoga stretches. Thanks Emma for a great class!