Mid-Day Class 12-08-2016

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The Mid-Day class at the Japanese Karate-Do was fun. We started by warming up with variations of Taikyoku Shodan – incorporating front kicks (mae geri), roundhouse kicks (mawahshi geri) and sidekicks (yoko geri) with reverse punch, lunge punch before each punch. We then worked the details of the kihon from kyu test routines. We focused on having smooth transitions and controlled continual forward momentum between techniques and movements. We were challenged in keeping our front planted or back foot based on the direction we were moving (not moving our foot in preparation) so that we could push off from the compressed leg with our core initiating the move versus trying to pull our compressed leg with our non-compressed leg.

We ended kihon working on kick combinations – first working through some details with our roundhouse kicks (mawashi geri) – front kick/side kick/roundhouse kick and then front kick/side kick/roundhouse kick/back kick/reverse punch.
We ended class working through technique details of the jodan section of ippon kumite and cross clock applications. It was a good day!