Mid-Day Class 11/10/2016

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Today we continued the focus of Tuesday’s Mid-Class at the Japanese Karate-Do with the “twitch” movement and reducing the need to “prepare” ourselves before striking or moving. After a warm up that multiple punches, kicks and blocks with increasing speed, both stepping and stationary, we moved into kihon. The focus within the kihon drills were punches and blocks.

Starting with Oi Zuki (Lunge Punch), we moved up and down the floor. This was followed by oi zuki/gyakuzuki (lunge punch/reverse punch) while completing one step (two punches-one step). The first set of punching drills ended with a four punch/two step sequence starting lunge punch. The emphasis was on keeping good technique, maintaining smooth breathing in coordination with our movements, moving away from just creating shapes & forms by making each strike count and not preparing to strike, but just striking.

We then went into various mae geri/gyakuzuki (front kick/reverse punch) drills. As we worked through the drills, moving up and down the length of the floor, the challenge was, again to stop only creating shapes & forms while working on reducing our preparation before executing our techniques – no muscle or joint collapsing, no “tensing up” and no breathing changes.

So, throughout the drills we also focused on activating and releasing (compressing and expanding) appropriate muscles and muscle groups. This was a fun, challenging and fast paced class.