Mid-Day Class 10-11-2014

JKD logo smWe had a really good Mid-Day class today at the Japanese Karate-Do. We started with a kata warm up by going through all of the Heian Katas and Tekki Shodan. From there we moved onto kihon, beginning with the down block, emphasizing the dropping of the core and moving our energy forward regardless of whether we’re actually going backward or forward. Then we worked on our oi zuki (lunge punch) emphasizing the core movement, hip initiation and using the forward hand as a strike making the kihon oi zuki a two strike technique.

We then moved to light kumite (sparring) with a focus on full extension and smooth movements during each technique, staying low and light on our feet and utilizing core movements with hip rotation. And then we finished with the class with kata again – this time working through Basai Dai.