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Mid Day Class 02-12-2018

JKD logo smToday we warmed up by going through all of the Heian Katas, Tekki Shodan and then Taikyoku Shodan adding a mae geri (front kick) before the oi zuki (lunge punch) to the sides and adding a mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) before the oi zuki (lunge punch) when going up and down.

From there were worked on some of the first set of moves in the 3rd kyu exam (Sanbon Renzuki (three consecutive punches) and Jodan Age uke/Gyaku-zuki (rising head block/reverse punch) and the Nidan exam (kizami-zuki sanbon-zuki (jab/stepping forward with three punches) and stepping back age uke (rising head block)/stepping forward mawashi geri (roundhouse kick)/uraken (backhand strike)/oi zuki (lunge punch). We ended with a combination drill – oi zuki (lunge punch) into ushiro geri (back kick) into ushiro geri (back kick) into gyaku zuki (reverse punch). 

Throughout each drill, the focus was to maintain good body connection, smoothness and natural power and speed through good compression and expansion. There was a lot of work done on not telegraphing moves through premature feet movement. It was a fun challenging class.

Mid Day Class 02-05-2018

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