Established in 1996, Japanese Karate-Do Dojo is a member of The World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO) and is dedicated to the study of Traditional Shotokan Karate. Our dojo(school) is dedicated to the pursuit of personal excellence and the advancement of Shotokan Karate.
The Japanese Karate-Do Dojo takes pride in providing a family friendly atmosphere, offering classes for adults, teens and kids.  The JKD dojo also provides national and international guest instructors for seminars and workshops.
Chief instructor, Sensei Sonny Kim, holds the rank of 6th Dan WTKO and has trained in Shotokan Karate for over thirty years. Passionate about martial arts in general and Shotokan Karate specifically, he enthusiastically passes on the martial art of Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do to anyone who is willing to train and study.  Sensei Kim is the World Traditional Karate Organization Instructor and Examiner for the Mid-America WTKO Region.  
brochure coverOur school (dojo) is located on Montgomery Rd. in Cincinnati, Ohio and features two training areas. The main area for karate classes consists of a matted 2,000 square foot training floor, specifically designed to minimize shock and absorb high impact on bones and joints. The second training area is equipped with a traditional makiwara (wooden striking board) and heavy bag. There’s a large viewing area available for guests and family members who want to observe classes.

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11910 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

(513) 697-8988
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